The NLIA is all about North Lawrence. Since its inception in 1987, the North Lawrence Improvement Association is a vocal and outspoken representative of the residents and businesses of the North Lawrence neighborhood. We strive to serve our residents and provide every benefit that living in North Lawrence has to offer to our community members.

We regularly participate in programs to benefit our fellow neighbor, and our tight knit plethora of small and large businesses contribute to our causes as we preserve their welcomed footing in our neighborhood. There is nothing like North Lawrence in the entire City of Lawrence. Our history as our own municipality continues to guide the direction of our community. From Jefferson to North Lawrence, the NLIA continue to work for North Lawrence to make sure our community has a voice.

We welcome and hope that all members of our community will become an integral part of the NLIA. With more Sandrats involved to make a difference in our place over the river, more progress can be made to continue our mission of the betterment of North Lawrence and its community.

Sandrats for the better.