Registering to get a coronavirus test next week

A non-profit out of Johnson County will be testing Lawrence residents next week.

Residents are asked to sign up ahead of time at:

Excerpt rom Chad Lawhorn’s article on July 1st:

A Johnson County nonprofit is expanding its program to test asymptomatic people for the COVID-19 virus in Lawrence next week.

Lenexa-based Heart to Heart International will operate free testing sites for basically anyone in the community, Mark Gleeson, a Lawrence resident who works for the nonprofit told me.

It basically is the first real opportunity for large numbers of Douglas County residents to get a test. Unlike in other counties, there haven’t been mass testing sites, and you generally have had to show some symptoms before getting tested.

That won’t be the case at the Heart to Heart event. Gleeson said people who do have symptoms should stay away and get tested through their doctors. Others, though, should come to the site and try to ease any nagging worries that they maybe have the disease but haven’t had the symptoms.

“Knowledge is power, and information is good to have,” Gleeson said of the testing program’s aim.

The testing sites are scheduled to be open:

• 9 a.m. to noon July 8 (Wednesday) at the Union Pacific Depot, also known as the former Lawrence Visitors Center, 402 N. Second St.

• 9 a.m. to noon July 9 (Thursday) at Theatre Lawrence, 4660 Bauer Farm Drive.

• 9 a.m. to noon July 10 (Friday) at Billy Mills Middle School, 2734 Louisiana St.

All the locations will operate as drive-up testing sites. People will be allowed to stay in their vehicles, roll down the window and stick their nose out the window to receive the test, which will involve a swab deep into the nasal cavity. (This is not the antibody test.)

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