February 13th Meeting Minutes

February 13th
President and Coordiantor in attendance
Number of Neighbors in attendance: 11
“Thank you to Diane for the delicious muffins you brought to the meeting”.
Meeting called to order at 7pm
Paper copies were provided to all in attendance of the survey. Ted is providing a copy of the survey to the School Board, Chamber and City Council. NLIA Coordinator is going to compile all the emails into a list and then reach out to those neighbors in order to formulate the fundraising and sub-committees to bring neighbors together and raise money for our neighborhood. Kirsty Feltz and Jennifer Burnes were thanked for all their work putting the survey together. A very special thank you to Jennifer for her fantastic job compiling all the information received through the survey. Ted shared that the survey reflects a neighborhood that is all about community.
Ted shared his thanks to the businesses in North Lawrence for donating to help Neighbors in need during the holiday season.
Ted addressed the pallet homes for the homeless and stated that the city is still trying to find a location to put the pallet homes. Ted is keeping in constant contact with the City so he is able to update neighbors at the monthly meetings.
It was expressed there is still a negative element associated with the homeless camp and that the Levee is not as populated with runners, cyclists and walkers like it was prior to the camp moving behind Johnny’s.
Neighbors need to reach out to the city commissioners with their concerns and wishes in regards to the homeless camp by Johnny’s and the Pallet homes.
It was acknowledged that North Lawrence has experienced a negative impact due to the homeless camp moving into the Neighborhood.
It has been reported to Ted that construction on Sprinkle Pad has not begun due to Parks and Rec applying for more money for the project. The Sprinkle Pad will be operating by June or July and it is reported it will be really nice and big. Conversation has also been had with the Parks and Rec in regards to bringing tennis courts back to the neighborhood. There are also plans for restrooms at John Taylor by 2024. Neighbors are excited about the opening of the Sprinkle Pad and Park improvements.
Ted shared that restrooms will be locked down in winter due to not being heated. There is a plan for a handicap accessible porter potty at John Taylor while waiting for permanent restroom.
Neighbors expressed at the meeting that they would like to help and support Ted and appreciates all that he has done for the NLIA. A neighbor would like to be added to the agenda next month to talk about affordable housing options, Tenants to Home Owners and Habitat for Humanity.
Ted shared the history of the flooding issues and the pump station and the need for development to consider the history before developing. Ted shared, “North Lawrence soil is some of the best in the state”.
Coordinator is going to post on Website and Facebook and send messages via email asking if neighbors have anything that they would like to add to next months meeting agenda.
Ted is pushing for the Depot to be a destination by creating part of the building into a museum that will display the history of North Lawrence.
Neighbors shared concerns regarding Grant County and a “sand pit” being installed and a farmer is worried about the impact of a gas-line running under property. There is also concern about “solar panels in the area”.
Another topic brought up was the train track crossings and having to wait longer than 15 minutes. Ted is going to look into inviting representative from the Railway for a Q & A with neighbors.
A neighbor asked about the construction across from Lyon park. Ted informed that it is part of an industrial extension and that neighbors have benefited from the construction. The construction has included focus on redirecting storm water run-off which will also help reduce the amount of standing water that encourages mosquitos.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:28pm






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