March Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Minutes March 13, 2023

20 members and 2 board members and Coordinator present

Meeting started: 7:03pm

Ted addresses everyone welcoming them to the meeting. Tenants to Homeowners gave a presentation explaining how the organization is structured and provides support and services to people looking to become homeowners. Tenants to Home owners presenter,Nicholas, gave a clear and concise overview which included how the land is acquired for building, to applying to be part of the program, to everything that is considered when building the home, becoming the homeowner and also the support and education that is provided to the homeowner to be successful. There was a great question and answer session after the presentation.
Two representatives, Frankie and Karen, from Habitat of Humanity gave presentations. Frankie shared information about a Habitat housing development that is located in Leavenworth County to support teens transitioning out of foster care into adulthood. She explained that they are close to completing the construction and hope to have the location up and running by June. Then Karen, a board member with Habitat, presented an overview of the support Habitat for Humanity provides to the community in order to make sure there is affordable housing options for people. There was a great question and answer session after both presentations. There was also a call out for the need for volunteers. Please reach out to Habitat if you are interested.
Lisa Larson was present and shared that the City of Lawrence is looking to increase affordable housing by 6000 homes.
Kevin, neighbor, address all present sharing that he is organizing a clean up of the areas that the un-housed have been occupying once the Pallet homes are completed and the un-housed can move into their new homes. He is looking for volunteers and if you are able you can reach out to him via both North Lawrence Facebook pages.
Ted addressed the challenges that the neighbors are facing while the homeless camps remain in North Lawrence which includes the parents of Woodlawn students fearing their children walking to school, the bike club members being harassed on the trails, the theft and harassment in the neighborhood. He stated we use to have a low crime rate in North Lawrence and now it is not the case. Ted spoke of the need to help the local homeless and promoted that we continue to support the local homeless. He also spoke about the difference between the local homeless and the transients. Ted talked about the need to get back to the rural atmosphere and walking and enjoying the Levee without fear of harassment.
Larson stated that the city is looking at two locations for the Pallet homes and June is the new date for completion and establishment of the Pallet home location. There was a question and answer session by neighbors.
A neighbor addressed that the need to support and help the homeless is a nation wide crisis and not just a local issue. It was also addressed by neighbors that we need to be empathetic and compassionate in regards to mental health when talking about the un-housed. A neighbor brought up concerns in regards to surrounding cities sending un-housed to the city of Lawrence requiring the need for more Pallet homes.

It was brought up during the meeting that it appears to the North Lawrence community that the city place challenging circumstances on the neighbors and businesses.

Lisa Larson – is said that we are hoping to increase affordable housing by 6000.
Ted informed all about the current agenda’s for upcoming meetings. Currently ICL will be presenting at the April meeting. the railroad will be presenting at the May meeting and Ted is working on having the Fire and Medical Emergency team presenting at the June meeting.
Neighbors are grateful that Woodlawn is remaining open and spoke up about the need for all schools in the community to remain open due to company’s like Panasonic moving into the area.
The upcoming World Cup being held in Kansas and the need for housing for the visitors was discussed.
Ted brought up the need to repair a waterline in North Lawrence. He stated that we currently have enough water pressure to put out a house fire but not a major factory fire. Larson stated that money has been allocated to make the repair.
The loss of the tennis courts at Lyons Park was addressed and the very much anticipated Splash Pad. Neighbors are wanting the tennis court back. Ted shared that Parks and Recreation have informed him that June is the plan for opening month for the Splash Pad and that also includes new playground equipment that was picked out by the Woodlawn students. Neighbors continue to voice the want to retain the basketball court in Lyon’s Park.
Grant County neighbor brought everyone up to speed in regards to the gas line that is going to go through farm land.
Meeting Adjourned: 8:35pm






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