April Neighborhood Minutes

April 10th, 2023 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes
Present: 15 and 2 Staff from ICL
Started: 7:05pm
Ended: 8:48pm
Midland Care Connection located at 319 Perry Street is having their 3rd annual Neighborhood cook-out June 10th from 10am – 2pm in remembrance of Eddie Smith with proceeds going to Midland Care Connection and the NLIA. There will be burgers, hot dogs and veggies burgers with some sides and a drink on the menu. Live music provided by the Jazz Hawks along with games for adults and children to be enjoy at the event.
The NLIA are working on getting concerts in the summer at the Depot and an Art and Craft sale at the Depot in the Fall.
Ted introduce Trevor, a Neighbor, as IT support for the NLIA.
Ted reported that he spoke with the Mayor Shipley in regards to the camp and the word is that the camp will be moved out by June. The city is going to tear down a gymnasium and set up the Pallet homes on the remaining cement slab. Then it is said that the city is going to make the “other” camps illegal. The city is hopeful that the Pallet homes is going to provide the support that the homeless and the transients are needing.
Ted continues to provided donations to the local homeless and the NLIA will continue to support the local homeless.
ICL gave a fantastic presentation and brought products and other giveaways. Jason Miller the plant manager shared his family history and love for Lawrence. Miller explained ICL’s global impact and that they produce the 3rd largest amount of Bromine in the world. He also explained that the company not only produces food grade materials but also materials used in technology. Miller shared that they have a current employee that has been with the company for 55 years! He also shared company has a won safety awards. ICL is planning on spending 10 million on improvements and this will go into the local community due to the hiring of local contractors. Miller shared that ICL is active in the community. ICL is a close partner to Woodlawn Elementary through Junior Achievement. They are also a donor and help with the upkeep of Woodlawn’s outdoor area. ICL works closly with the Cities Emergency Planning Team by having regular safety drills. They also support local charities. It is amazing how many everyday products that ICL is involved in making and they are very excited about an Alzheimer medication that is in the works.
Shane the Environmental Manager has been working for ICL for 25 years and he made a presentation. He is a Sand Rat! He explained the efforts and work that ICL do every day to take care of the Neighborhood.
ICL turned 100 years old and the video was shared with all attending. After the video there was a very good Q and A between ICL and Neighbors.
A representative for Kevin Elliot read off a message from Kevin to remind all present that there will be an organized quad clean up after the North Lawrence camp is closed and there is a need for volunteers. Updates about the clean up will be posted on the North Lawrence Facebook pages.

May’s meeting will be held at the Depot and a representative from the Railway will be presenting. May 8th, 2023 at 7:00pm.






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