March Meeting Minutes

Present: 12
Call to order: 7:05pm
Ted Boyle introduced Ms. Tonda Hill. Ms. Hill shared that she has lived in Lawrence for 12 years she and has a strong background in criminal law. She shared a story that motivated her to realize that she wanted to make a difference in her district. She shared that an individual had created a space to live under her porch and was siphoning her family’s water and electricity. The police were able to remove the individual from her property and within a few weeks the individual returned. Ms. Hill stated I believe in equality and I believe that we all need to be held accountable and we all need to uphold the law. Ms. Hill shared her extensive experience in the prison system and helping people struggling with mental health challenges. Neighbors attending the meeting asked Ms. Hill questions and she remained for the duration of the meeting to hear current concerns, thoughts and ideas of the neighbors. Ms. Hill’s website is 
Ted shared with Ms. Hill the challenges that the North Lawrence neighbors have been enduring since the camps moved into the neighborhood. He also shared he has been told that the camp behind Johnny’s is going to be gone by April 1st.
Neighbor asked Ted about the camp behind UPS and Ted reported that he has notified the Sheriff. He encouraged neighbors to not be afraid to call their commissioners or the sheriff with concerns.
Newsletter will be coming back and the first addition will be hard copy to all residents and it will also be available online. Then the summer newsletter will be available online unless you request a hard copy. Please let Ted Boyle of Kirsty Feltz know if you would like a hard copy. You can phone Ted or email Kirsty at
Pedestrian bridge to “nowhere” has been cancelled and Ted shared plans for renovations on the current bridges to make them more pedestrian and bike friendly. Ted shared that the pedestrian area of the bridge would be covered with viewing, skylights and solar lighting. Ted also shared that the cover could keep pedestrian free from the elements. A neighbor brought up the possibility that the bridge being covered would not allow for viewing from a car.
A neighbor shared a grant that has been awarded to 7 different groups that is all about inclusive art projects and nature experiences. If anyone is interested in participating in Pinwheel Farms project to create a seasonal calendar to contact Natalia.
Ted shared that there are also plans to renovate the grain elevator and make it a focal point. There is also still work on pushing for a grocery store in North Lawrence and Aldi is looking to add a second store in Lawrence.
A neighbor address and stated he has lived in the neighborhood since the 80’s and during the 93’ there was a flood and the city bought the property that flooded and it cannot be developed and there is a need for the city to address the flooding issues and make improvements to that property. He also addressed speeding on the streets of North Lawrence and the need for more posting of speed limits. He also stated that West Lawrence has monitors that check drivers speed and that there is a need for those devices in North Lawrence and the city property that the city owns could be a where a speed monitor could be placed.
Ted also addressed concerns about the solar panels causing flooding in North Lawrence and the need to locate the solar panels in a more appropriate location so that the community can benefit from solar energy and prevent North Lawrence from flooding and also not take over prime farming land. Ted stated that the solar panel location will consume and area larger than North Lawrence.
Ballard center Thursday March 28th at 4:00pm for ground breaking and the governor will be there.
The City is going to attend a upcoming NLIA meeting to talk to about the walking and bicycle trail renovations.
North Lawrence donated $600 dollars to help a group of Noth Lawrence students that have qualified to compete at the 2024 VEX Robotics World Champoinships in Dallas, TX. The funds will help the team get to Dallas.
A neighbor announced that there is a desperate need for poll workers August – November.
April 21st for a clean up by KU students in the neighborhood.
Adjorned: 8:49pm






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